Fast forward supercharger

Check out other members' supercharger setups and learn how to pick the right components for maximum reliability and performance.


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fast forward supercharger

MP62 needs a rebuild, and other issues by CooperD. Started by CooperD, PM. P Code with AC on by cdmcali. Started by cdmcali, PM. FFS Test car.

Lost a bolt supercharger brace by beatle. Started by beatle, AM. Big vs. Started by beatle, PM. Mods need for installation by Paul Hutt. Started by Paul Hutt, AM. MP62 input shaft by Godless Commie. Started by Godless Commie, AM. Thoughts on hotside belt jumping problem using a large crank pulley by Godless Commie. Started by Godless Commie, PM.

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Filtered by:. Show More. Last Post: Emerald Mica. Authorized Installers If you are looking for a company to install your kit, check here. Last Post: Ypsilanti MI. Ypsilanti MI. Last Post: Precise Racing. Precise Racing. What did you do to prepare for the installation of the FFS. Last Post: 1. NA Miata 1.

Last Post: Getting that itch. Getting that itch. NA Miata If you have one of the first generation Miatas, you are welcome to discuss general topics about your car here. E85 on a with FFS. NB Miata If you have one of the second generation Miatas, you are welcome to discuss general topics about your car here. Last Post: Power and timing card question. Power and timing card question. NB Miata If you have one of the second generation Miatas fromyou are welcome to discuss general topics about your car here.

fast forward supercharger

Last Post: High Elevation. High Elevation. Otherwise known as Gram's forum. Last Post: Automatic Supercharger Driveability. Automatic Supercharger Driveability. Last Post: The reason why I avoid turbos.

The reason why I avoid turbos. New FFS Hotside. Install Tips, Tricks and Tools Owners and self installers post your hints and tips here so the new owners can get a heads up on install tricks and "do's" and "don'ts". Check Your Fuel Lines!

fast forward supercharger

Last Post: Offical thank you. Offical thank you.This kit is very complete and made of all very high quality components. The instructions were also excellent with lots of good pictures to show you the way. They also has a very good web site to assist you along with the install. Everything fit like it should and the car ran great right off the bat. No idle issue's. This is a Great kit. I have only minor mechanical skills and was very nervious about doing this to my baby.

Its was easier than I had hoped for and Tom is there to help you with any guestions. All it takes is patience. This is a great kit for anyone that wants a car that acts OEM, but with a huge jump in power when you want it.

I was pleasantly suprised on how quiet the car remained, with only a slight supercharger whine when you are into boost. Fast Forward Superchargers has the best customer service par none. You can call Tom anytime 'nights and weekends' and he was always there to answer any questions. His knowledge of the Miata's is excellent and he cares. I can't say enough good about him. Mine came days after my order was made. Clear instructions and complete kit. I had never done any work on the motor except oil changes and plugs.

I did it myself in about hours. I could do it in half that now. Tom gave me his celphone number and I used it! Weekends included. By the time I was done I felt like I had made a friend.

So patient and helpful. Mine dynoed at RWHP with a clogged pre-cat. I have since added a larger mm pulley stock is mm that Tom sold me for less than other vendors get, and I'm now up to 10psi. If you want a kit that you can bolt on according to instructions and know that it will run and idle like a stock car right out of the gate, and fly like a scalded cat when asked, it's great.Login or Sign Up.

Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? What did you do to prepare for the installation of the FFS. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I thought it might be good to have a place to talk about preparations and getting ready for the Fast Forward. First here is a little about what I have already done. It had been lowered and is an LS model. It came with; CAI from Rspeed, Cool air box, Header pipe from Racing Beat, Crappy air filter My first mod was a new air filter and sealing up and modifying the cool air box for a little for better air flow and sealing from engine heat.

Second, new Plugs and Wires. Sounds Great. New brakes and tires, painted the stock rims black, I think it looks good. Next, Coolant re-routing and more displacement, It is 2. Jason does most of the communicating and coordinating, his Father Tom is the Builder. They were helpful even while I was still trying to decide which way to go.

After writing back and forth and talking on the phone, I decided on a short block from McCully. Tom assembled it to my specifications, in a timely manner and provided the oversized head gasket required.

Even as a Short block it was shipped right to my house. The short block was very well Crated and packaged, I was very happy. Here are the specifics. Built bottom end with Supertech low compression pistons 9. I would expect that the prices may increase as it has been a while since I ordered, but it seems a fair price to pay. They are very easy to work with and nearly every aspect went smoothly. OK now to what I did with the McCully 2.

I cleaned up both the intake and exhaust ports and matched them to the gaskets.

Matched up the lower intake to the gasket, got a little carried away in a few spots, but Apples fixed it up for me. They are very reasonably priced as well and are quick to offer advice.While this comic featured Buried Alien's first appearance in the Marvel Universe, several clues hinted that this wasn't his first appearance in the world of comics.

En route, Quasar and Makkari encounter an Elder of the Universe known as the Runner who organizes a race among Earth's fastest characters for the chance to win a great prize and prove themselves among the other speedsters. The new arrival began to run the race, though he revealed he didn't remember who he was. His last memory was of running, and energy like lightning in his body pushed him to run the Runner's race. The racer shot past all the other contestants in the race who had started well before him and then blew past Makkari at the last minute to win the Runner's race.

He reveals that his name is "something like Buried Alien" and responds with "it feels Having previously dealt with an alternate reality team with the Squadron Supreme, Quasar is able to determine that Buried is also an extradimensional being, likely from an alternate Earth.

Buried has adopted a new costume red and yellow and adopted the name FastForward by this time, though he still doesn't recall many details of his past. Shadowy impressions of people he once knew who have been altered beyond recognition are all he can recollect. Buried Alien is not just a pastiche of Barry Allen who conveniently drops in to throw some shade at DC, but is meant to be a loving tribute that borrows several elements from, but is legally distinct, from the iconic DC hero.

In Barry was forced to run faster than ever before to destroy an anti-matter cannon after a pitched battle with the Anti-Monitorthough the act costs him his life.

The saga of Buried Alien was never resolved past fellow speedster Makkari's promise to help FastForward return home. We never actually saw that happen, and FastForward has not appeared since his follow-up appearance in Quasar.

While Buried Alien's brief time in the Marvel Universe made a lasting impression and holds a tantalizing link to Crisisthe speedster was ultimately gone in a flash.

By Scoot Allan Aug 19, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Scoot Allan Articles Published Entertainment reporter, writer, and all around geek. I like salad but prefer french fries. Wonder Woman J.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Indianapolis, IN. This is a sticky topic.

Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Tom Fast Forward. Indianapolis, INPM. Phone: FAX: Tags: None. Tom have they installed any kits yet? They are not too far from me. Grand Touring edition racing beat dual exhaust. Comment Post Cancel. They have not installed my kit yet but have installed others. They could install your PC-Pro in a heartbeat. Let me know and I'll send you one. So how do we know they can handle any problems as well as Mike's Place does?

Tom, are your new units using two pc pros now? If so, I will need to buy an extra one and what will the price be? But still so far mine is running great with the set up I have. AIM Tuning can handle any Miatathing you throw at them. AIM knows there MX-5 for real.


I guess i am a shill with a turbo. I sent them an e-mail, but never heard back. I wish there were an installed closer to Peoria, IL! We in the midwest have no luck for performance Miata. I understand that AIM is having problems. Short staffed and over committed. Shane knows Miatas, but I have heard complaints from several people recently. Use caution. Had him do some prep work, super is being installed right now. Can't wait to get it back!

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fast forward supercharger

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